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We recommend inviting only your most Trusted Sources in order to achieve the greatest success of Joins. Check your Map every few days or week and watch for new account icons. The staff at WebFX are thrilled to present the Map-The-World.net project and look forward to your comments. Comments and thoughts may be sent to: info@map-the-world.net or click on the "Our World" tab (top menu) and follow the "Contact Us" link.
Rene Lanthier, project lead
Map the World

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For a visual view of invitations to the 6th generation, click on "sample view" under the Sign In tab (top menu).

You may login as: sampleworld@map-the-world.com (p/w: pass) to see a Map view to the 6th degree, or as: gen1@endless-referrals.com to see a Map view including the original referrer.


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